If you’re interested in a custom drawing by Bob, check out the Commissions page.


If you’re interested in a custom drawing by Bob, check out the Commissions page.

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If you’re interested in a custom drawing by Bob, check out the Commissions page.

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Latest News

Gasparilla Film Festival: Bob Layton workshop March 5

Bob Layton will be holding a workshop at the Gasparilla Film Festival on Sunday, March 5th at 3:00pm -4:30pm. In this discussion, Layton will be exploring where creative ideas come from and the art of pitching your concept to potential producers. With over ten years experience in Hollywood and over 100 pitches, the horror stories…

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New Valiant Covers by Bob Layton!

Bob Layton, co-creator of “Ninjak” returns to Valiant for a series of new covers.  Last month, Valiant published Bob’s cover to “Harbinger Renegades” (see below). In the months to come, there will be more art featuring such titles as “X-O Manowar” and “Faith”. Ninjak #26 Written by MATT KINDT Art by MARC LAMING Variant Cover by BOB…

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Layton sets sights on Florida’s film industry

Here’s an article about Bob published the Metro section of the Tampa Bay Times, on Sunday, October 9th, which explains what he’s been up since his move from Los Angeles to Florida. “First he helped turn Iron Man into a pop culture sensation. “Now he hopes to energize Florida’s fledgling film industry by infusing it with productions based…

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After 25 years, Bob returns to Valiant Comics … sort of!

To celebrate “X-O Manowar” #50, Valiant Entertainment put together a massive jam cover, combining the artwork of 50 different artists. Each artist provided their own take on the long-running hero, which was then composited in one, single image. Before the completed jam cover was revealed, Valiant provided comic websites with an exclusive first look at four of the images and one of those was by Co-Creator and Co-Founder of Valiant Comics and X-O Manowar, Bob Layton.

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Bob Layton returns to ROM

Bob returns to ROM: Spaceknight as color artist for the subscription variant of ROM: “Earthfall,” Part 2.

“ROM is under attack by an entire town full of Dire Wraiths… but these Wraiths are far more powerful than any he’s ever faced before. How? Why? The answers await in this issue… if you dare! ROM faces off against some disturbingly familiar Dire Wraiths!”

Available August 17, 2016!

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News & Interviews Roundup

Check out these interviews with Bob Layton! Preview: X-O Manowar 50, Bob Layton in Conversation with Bleeding Cool, chooses the best 15 comic covers of all time, Spotlight on Bob Layton (SDCC ’15), Passion Chat with Bob Layton, and a video interview from MCM Comic Con in Hannover, Germany.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Premiere Coverage

When I received my official invite letter to the Captain America: Civil War premiere, I was conflicted because they asked all guests to choose your team by attire! They wanted me to wear RED to stand with TeamIronMan or wear BLUE to stand with TeamCap, Obviously I’m going to lean towards Shellhead but my beloved Ant-Man is on Team Cap. What to do? Obviously, I had a sartorial crisis!

The premiere was an amazing event! While on the red carpet, I met Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd, Eldon Henson from Daredevil (such a nice person!), Big Mike Colter (Luke Cage from Jessica Jones), War Machine Don Cheadle, and @Midnight’s Chris Hardwick.

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